Scientific work

Scientific research department aimed at exploring the therapeutic effects of low physiotherapiutical procedures in combination with local natural healing factors (hydrogen sulphide water, sodium chloride brine, peat bogs sulfide) and reflexology; scientific justification of medical rehabilitation for patients with different pathologies and new techniques of rehabilitation. The main scientific direction of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation is the "Study of pelotherapy and low-intensity physical factors in patients with spinal osteochondrosis combined with osteoporosis", state registration number 0110U001935.

In addition, evaluation of physical condition and risk factors of coronary heart disease and the effect of different types of acupuncture and physical therapy in patients with hypertension is studying; organizational aspects of rehabilitation of patients, the study of influence of manual therapy in various pathologies. For the first time has been studied combined effect of physiotherapy techniques and peat bogs on bone density in patients with osteoporosis in combination wiyh osteochondrosis.

It was developed new ways to treat patients with osteoporosis and osteochondrosis through the application of peat mud, reflexology and low-intensity physical factors (ultrasound and magnetic laser therapy).

It was studied bone density in patients with osteoarthritis during treatment hydrogen sulfur baths.

It was investigated the mechanism of influence singlet-oxygen therapy for bronchial asthma.

The state of the immune system in patients with osteoarthritis influenced by spa treatment was studied.

Efficiency of microwave resonance therapy using in articular pathology was proved.

Mechanisms of improvements in cardio-vascular system of students at different physical exertion were investigated.

Over the last 5 years the scientists of the department published 142 works, 1 doctor and 2 PhD thesis.

4 books, 6 monographs were published, educational CD was created.

Every year the department organizes and conducts two scientific conferences on actual issues rehabilitation and physical therapy in clinical practice.